What is Moth Jewelry

Natural and beautiful, Moth is a specialty line of waxed linen jewelry. Leslie Howchin consciously creates comfortable and durable pieces that are waterproof and wearable, all day, every day. Her line is intrinsically woven into the themes of her Muskoka homestead. Rugged granite, towering pines and clear waters. Find her every Wednesday during summer at the Gravenhurst Farmers Market (yes, even during c19), sporting her custom-built mobile boutique. 


Moth Jewelry mobile boutique


Who am I?

My name is Leslie. I’m the creative woman behind Moth. I live in a beautiful spot in Muskoka. My education is in OCAD multidisciplinary studies, where I covered several fields enabling me to work easily with a wide range of materials. 

After the four-year program, I quickly received work as a prosthetic technician, creating silicone restoration for amputees.

As a sideline, I also became a master henna tattoo artist. Working freelance in tattoo studios, private events, and toured with Ozzy Ozbourne, seasonally, for several years.

When I moved from Toronto to Muskoka, Moth jewelry was born, opening wide doors of opportunity and a creative environment.

 Three years ago, I designed and built a custom boutique, specifically designed for outdoor shows. Less work setting up, mobile, and completely unique. 

 With the C19 situation, most of my outdoor shows were cancelled, except the Gravenhurst Farmers Market. I quickly learned my #mothpod was covid ready. Self-contained, with only a couple pieces of clear acrylic to add.

 I was one of the lucky ones to still have an outlet to sell my work, that is what I love most! Now, I am an acting director with Muskoka Arts and Crafts. My hope is to culture a new set of small shows for the upcoming challenges.

 Of course, I am still hard at work creating and delivering my awesome waxed linen jewelry. You will love it. It’s soft and durable, the more you wear it, the softer it gets. Please contact me for any information, or follow me on Instagram @mothjewelry

I look forward to hearing from you :)


Leslie Howchin